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Punapau and d'Iberville

Enculturation, Vol. 2, No. 2, Spring 1999

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For this issue on 'writing music culture' the editors decided to invite two underground/avante-garde "composers" to discuss their music/practice. Both artists' work can be found on MP3.com (Punapau, d'Iberville). Though quite different, each artist utilizes technology to create a distinctive soundscape.

Punapau - Mario Menzerolf
Menzeroff creates his soundscapes from sampled system sounds. Musically influenced by Jazz, Menzeroff builds his "songs" with a dd clip 4track and freeware. Most of the little sketches should be listened to in a loop, especially the very-very short studies. They do not work without repetition. For Menzeroff, putting his work into CD format in the album 'short cuts' just offers another space for his art in addition to the 'global computer-scape'.

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d'Iberville - Julien Berthier
d'Iberville is Berthier's first solo project. A former rock musician converted to electronic music, he turned to creating music using only an Apple Power Macintosh 4400. The result is minimalist, experimental techno in the vien of pan(a)sonic and aphex twin. Berthier's first album, 'next idea', should be coming out on the new French electronica label reorec.

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