Enculturation: Credits

Lisa L. Coleman
Southeastern Oklahoma State University




I would like to thank a number of people who have helped me think through the relationship between rhetoric and composition for this special issue. Thanks to Lorien Goodman for her contribution to the panel "Intersections between Rhetoric and Composition," the rhetoric section that I chaired at the 1998 South Central Modern Language Association, and for her many contributions to the planning and production of this issue. Thanks to Jenny Edbauer for asking us to join her special interest group, "Kairos or Catachresis: Rhetoric in/on/beyond Composition" at the 2001 CCCC's, where we distributed our CFP and further developed our conversation on the issues discussed here. Thanks also to Collin Brooke, co-editor of Enculturation, who designed and implemented the electronic format. Thanks to Dave Rieder and the Enculturation reviewers whose fortitude and dedication supported us along the way. And a special thanks to Byron Hawk, founding editor of Enculturation and longtime friend, whose unending helpfulness and (almost) infinite patience made this special edition possible.

Permission to use the image of Velazquez's painting, Las Meninas, granted by the Museo del Prado, Madrid.

Cover Design by Sarah Hill.

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