A Journal of Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture

Foreword: Remixes and Re-visions

Byron Hawk, University of South Carolina

Enculturation: http://enculturation.net/remixes-and-re-visions-forward
(Published: May 16, 2012)

These three videos originated as part of a panel for the 2010 Conference on College Composition and Communication. The theme remix prompted the panelists—Jenny Rice, Jeff Rice, Thomas Rickert, Byron Hawk, and Matt Levy—to remix non-canonical essays from past decades of College Composition and Communication. This was a response, in part, to CCC’s special series “Re-Visions,” where contemporary scholars reconsider past articles that have achieved significant recognition. As a counter-historical move, each presenter remixed one overlooked CCC article by asking how its theory and pedagogy engages current professional, cultural, and political conditions.

Re-Opening Public Rhetoric: Corbett's "The Rhetoric of the Open Hand and the Rhetoric of the Closed Fist"
Byron Hawk

Ambient Composition: Exteriorizing Donald Murray's "The Interior View"
Thomas Rickert, Purdue University

'Trip the Light Anaclastic: A Remix of Virginia Burke’s 1959 'Why Not Try Collage?'
Matthew Levy, Pacific Lutheran University