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status update

bonnie lenore kyburz, Utah Valley University

Enculturation 8 (2010): http://enculturation.net/status-update

Editor's note:

bonnie lenore kyburz explores the nature of the ubiquitous status update in her short film, status update. She uses Prezi, a web-based presentation tool, to provide contextual information about the film, which you will find embedded in one of the very last nodes in the preset Prezi path.

kyburz's Prezi, "status update: animating concepts," is available at Prezi.com, but it is also embedded below. In addition, we're providing a .zip file of the presentation. To view this Prezi on your own computer, download and unzip the .zip file. You can then view the Prezi by running the .exe file (Windows) or the .app file (Mac) in the extracted folder. While status update is embedded in the Prezi, it is also for download via Enculturation and via Vimeo.